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30 seconds production

With the use of the storyboard from Activity 8, produce a sequence of moving images that will edit into an exact 30secs 00frames narrative communicating a subject of your choice. My initial import had nearly 4 minutes of footage, but after successive culls and edits, combined together with a snippet of music, the resulting 30 seconds is below.

Creating a 30 second storyboard

Create a storyboard (images and text) that will form the basic guide to your 30 second film. Include camera angle, camera movements, lens choice and timings. From this storyboard compile a production schedule (where, when and how).

Celtx ( is free media pre-production software designed for creating and organizing media projects like screenplays, films, videos, stageplays, audio plays, documentaries, machinima, comics, games and podcasts.

My story is going to be about inspiration and preparation for a trip to Japan. Rather than sketch, I find it quicker to take a photo on my iPhone and load it into my Celtx project. My final storyboard [PDF] (new window) and production schedule [PDF] (new window) have been created. I have my actress on standby. Let’s shoot!

10 seconds production

Using a storyboard as a basic guide, create a series of moving images you believe will edit in to an exact 10secs 00frames sequence communicating someone entering a room and sitting down at a table. Use both objective and subjective viewpoints. Using a combination of camera movement, camera angle and lighting, create a sense of illusion and/or suggestion within the narrative.

12 doors

Create twelve (12) moving images showing twelve (12) different ways of visually representing a door (the same door) opening/closing. With the use of camera angle and lighting create illusion and suggestion. Edit the images to create a simple narrative with audio and/or music.

Project - Camera Movements

Project: camera movements

Compile a sequence of moving images showing your understanding of the use of the DVC and your ability to reproduce moving images containing all the camera movements listed below. A simple narrative with music is encouraged but not essential at this stage.

Shift focus, Pan left, Pan right, Tilt up, Tilt down, Rise, Fall, Track in, Track out, Track left, Track right, Zoom in, Zoom out.

Slates must be used and included in the edit if submitting an unrelated series of clips. If submitting an edited narrative with audio and or music, submit without slates.